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Myers Park Trinity Little League has a long tradition of rewarding teams and individual players who exemplified great sportsmanship as well as achieved athletic excellence on the field.  Below is a list of the awards handed out at the 2016 Closing Ceremonies.

Hasty Award (ML)

The Hasty Award recognizes the major league team whose players, coaches and fans exemplify the Little League guiding principles of sportsmanship and teamwork.  The winning team is selected by a vote of the Major League coaches. This Award is dedicated to the memory of Judge Fred Hasty, who served as an assistant coach of the Harry & Bryant team for 25 years and demonstrated a special commitment to Little League Baseball and to each of his players

The 2016 winner of the Hasty Award was The Keith Corporation.

Stone Barnett Award (NL)

The Stone Barnett Award is named in honor and memory of Stone Barnett, a long-time player, coach and volunteer in the league, whose family has been deeply involved in the league since Stoney was a young boy.  This place was a second home to him and was an important part of his life.  The Award was established in 2007 by the Myers Park Trinity Board and Stone’s family to honor the National League team whose players, coaches and fans exemplify all that Stone believed was right about Little League—good sportsmanship, effort, teamwork, positive attitude and enthusiasm.  Stone and his friend and fellow coach Travis McCollum worked to instill these values in their players.

The 2016 winner of the Stone Barnett Award was Nakatos Japanese Steakhouse - Coach Jordan Keysor.

Sean Schultz Award (AL)

The Sean Schultz Award recognizes the American League team whose players, coaches and fans exemplify the Little League guiding principles of sportsmanship and teamwork.  The winning team is selected by a vote of the American League coaches. This Award is dedicated to the memory of Sean Schultz.  Sean loved baseball and coaching at MPTLL.  Over several years, Coach Schultz coached TB, in the AL and in the NL.  Sean lost his life way too soon, but did so doing what he loved, coaching.

The 2016 winner of the Sean Schultz Award was Colson Keane - Coach Matt Poindexter.

Billy Rice Award

Billy Rice was a talented and enthusiastic baseball player in the league from 1987 to 1995.  He was a starting pitcher for the 1993 All Star team and a recipient of the Johnnie Nivens Award.  The Billy Rice Award was created shortly after Billy’s death in 1997 to preserve the memory of this outstanding young man for future generations of little leaguers. The Awards recognize one player from each of the Major League and the National League, who by their enthusiasm, energy level, positive attitude and commitment exhibit a true love for the game of baseball, as personified by Billy Rice.

The 2016 winners of the Billy Rice Award were Gracie Deel (NL) and David Giardi (ML).  Below is a picture of Gracie and David with Billy's father and we've also provided the narratives provided by the coaches for each player.

Gracie Deel: Gracie was a member of NL1 since she was nine years old.  Actually, she was been part of their team much longer than that.  She started coming to team practices and games with her dad, Coach Barry Deel, when she was probably 4 or 5.  For many years, she was the team’s de facto mascot (see picture).  Since Gracie joined the team as an actual team member, her skills improved every year. 

2016 was by far her best year.  In addition to being one of the team’s leading hitters, she played catcher, first base, second base and any other position assigned willingly and without complaint.  She worked through an arm injury without missing a game, playing first base and throwing underhanded when necessary.  She was a team leader and a positive role model and encouraged all of the other players on the team.  Gracie always gave her maximum effort and she was always positive and upbeat and a great joy to coach.  Gracie is and was a perfect example of what is great about Little League baseball and she was very deserving of the 2016 Billy Rice Award.

David Giardi:  In 2016 Trinity nominated David Giardi for the Billy Rice Award.  Here was what Trinity Manager Bill Flye submitted for David's nomination.

In all my years coaching youth sports, David is the most magnetic and engaging young man I have ever coached.  Trinity is blessed to have players from multiple other teams stand behind our dugout cheering for David every game.  He is our best leader, our role model, our beacon of trust and the personality of our team.  Our team’s success is not predicated by on the field results, but by the positive support, encouragement and leadership David provides that allows each of our players to thrive between the lines.

David has had to overcome many hurdles that preclude his athletic excellence on the field.  But the guidance and support he lends to his teammates makes him far more valuable an asset than being the most athletic player in the league and he never lets his effort drop.  His devotion to his team and to this league makes him the best person in this league.  His mentoring of the younger players and the constant demonstration of effort to our older players has been a pure joy and blessing to watch over the past three years.

David’s stats by the number:

  • 100 - percent David strives for in effort, attitude and positive encouragement
  • 73 - percentage of popular votes David will receive when he runs for US president
  • 56 - number of times, out of 56, that David remains positive through adversity
  • 44 - number of times David wished he could hit a home run but is just as content moving the runners over
  • 14 - number of nicknames David has, indicative of his jovial spirit
  • 7 - number of times, per inning, that David lights up the dugout with his positive attitude
  • 3 - number of league teams represented behind the Trinity dugout every game to cheer for David
  • 1 - rank of David in my all-time favorite player list (ahead of my own two sons and Ken Griffey, Jr.)

The ideal personification of Little League values and of our community future is David Giardi.  

Submitted by Bill Flye, Trinity Manager

Johnny Nivens Award Winners


Pizza Peel

Gracie Deel


Dilworth Center

Coleman Kiger


Baird Private Wealth Mgt

Harrison Smith


Charlotte Roofing

Charlie Cannady


Hastons General Contractors

Jackson Hancock


Horsepower Site Services

Charlie Gory


Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Colin Reese


Chem-BAC Laboratories

Patrick Eismont


Improper Pig

Buck Bryant


PNC Banks

Colsen Hofert


KPB Corp

Steven Bridgeman

AB Al Browne Thomas Hullinger
BS Bryant & Sons Colin Atkinson
CH Cameron Harris Phillips Alvarez
CC Christ Church Charlie Fetter
HB Harry & Bryant Jack Powers
TKC The Keith Corp.  Addison Barksdale
T Trinity Raleigh Walker
TRL T.R. Lawing Tymon Hollomon