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T-BALL 101
Question:  How much time is required to be a t-ball coach?
Answer:  Head coach requires a nominal amount of time per week.  A typical week is 2 hours per week at the fields and approximately 30 minutes per week sending email reminders and answering parent questions.  The league also provides significant support, helping with practice plans, fundamentals, and instructional tips.  The league does not want, lack of comfort level with coaching, to affect a decision to volunteer. 
Question: How often are practices and games?
Answer:  There are usually two t-ball practices per week which includes one weekday, and Saturday.  The Saturday practice is replaced with a game once the season begins.   It is important to note that coaches are asked to continue to schedule practices throughout the season.
Question: What equipment does my player need?  What is provided by the league? 
Answer:  The league provides your player a team shirt with coordinating socks and hat.  It is recommended that your write the player's name on the inside of the hat when provided.  The league also provides all equipment to players and teams except for gloves and cleats.  Sneakers are also acceptable at this level.  Most parents prefer to purchase a helmet for their player.
Question: When should I hear from our coach after registration?
Answer:  T-Ball parents should hear from their coaches the first week of March.  Practices usally start soon thereafter.  Your coach should provide additional details when they first make contact.